Talking about your experience with wrongful termination

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Hearing about your termination is enough to rattle your confidence and disrupt your career. Learning that your employer’s actions resulted from biases or unfounded claims can complicate matters more.

Wrongful termination not only impacts your personal life. It can also have a detrimental impact on your professional life. Knowing its effects can help you prepare to discuss your experience in future job interviews.

Have dignity

Experiencing the retaliation of people you trusted can cause feelings of betrayal and confusion. In these moments of vulnerability, you probably have a lot of things to say about your former employer. However, when it comes time to interview for another company, allowing your emotions to take control may unintentionally implicate you and compromise your reputation.

When you walk into an interview, have dignity. Recognize that you have value and know how to show the value you can bring to the company. Carry yourself with confidence and behave professionally. If asked about your termination, suggests that you emphasize the lessons you have learned as a result of your experience. They also recommend practicing responses to difficult questions prior to your interview to alleviate some of the angst of answering complicated inquiries.

Highlight competency

Another way to handle your wrongful termination in subsequent job interviews is to highlight your competency. Explain with confidence why you will make a difference in the company. Emphasize the accomplishments you had in your former job.

If the damage to your reputation and career threatens your ability to secure another job, you might need to take legal action. You do not deserve to suffer because of a former employer’s irrational decision to terminate you for unfair reasons. Despite your experience, you can still enjoy a successful career with the right help.