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Kell Simon has passion for, expertise in, and commitment to labor and employment law. Because of his high proficiency in this arena, Kell was able to quickly understand my objectives and advocate for me on that basis. I wanted a swift resolution to my employment issues, without litigation, and Kell delivered!”

Employment law client, 2018

I had a contractor/employment contract that I needed reviewed. He got back to me quickly, we sat down and went through the parts I had questions on. We changed some minor things to clarify them and better protect both parties and the company agreed to those changes. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for peace of mind before signing something.

Employment law client, 2017

Logical, practical and reasonably priced. Kell worked diligently to ensure that my separation with my company went as smoothly as possible. His attention to detail, knowledge of best practices and legal guidance were a godsend to me during a very difficult time. Kell employs a work ethic that cannot be matched. While I hope to never require his services again — If I am ever in a similar situation, I will call him first!

Employment law client, 2015

Kell Simon has been diligent in following up with our concerns and questions regarding a severance negotiation, however small. My husband and I felt completely comfortable with Mr. Simon’s professional, friendly and highly focused manner. He was very thorough and has been generous with his time and follow-through. I am extremely pleased with our choice and recommend him.”

Severance agreements client, 2014

“Early this year, I found myself in some incredibly bad legal trouble. My case was very complicated and sensitive. After finally telling Kell the whole story of the case, he immediately began working to fix my mess. Although everyone around me told me to prepare for a lengthy and horrible ride, Kell had the entire matter closed in three months — not only closed, but closed to the satisfaction of all concerned. He listened patiently when I called in an awful emotional state and calmed me down. I have no idea how he did it. It was the worst three months of my life, but Kell was always there to give me hope and guidance. I owe him an incredible debt. A terrific attorney and a great guy.”

Employment law client, 2013

“I highly recommend Kell A. Simon for legal counsel. He has a high level of integrity, professionalism and command of his area of expertise.”

Employment law client, 2013

“You do not want to be sitting as Mr. Kell Simon‘s opponent. You want him on YOUR team.”

Employment law client, 2013

“Kell is a great attorney who goes the extra mile to protect and defend your good name against the most powerful of people. Excellent job, Kell!! Keep up the good work!”

Employment law client, 2012

“Kell was very professional and informative.”

Labor law client, 2013