Gender discrimination affects 42% of working women

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Women employed in Texas and across the nation face a high risk of experiencing work-related gender discrimination. A high percentage of female employees reported having been victims of it during their careers. Research shows that there are a number of factors that impact how likely a female employee is to experience on-the-job gender discrimination, including that employee’s level of education.

According to the Pew Research Center, four out of 10 working women acknowledge experiencing some type of gender discrimination on the job.

How gender discrimination manifests

Working women face many forms and types of gender discrimination. About a quarter of working women say they earned less than a male colleague despite performing the same job. Another 23% of working women report their bosses, supervisors or colleagues treating them as if they were less competent than their male colleagues. Many women at work also report receiving less support than their male peers. Others yet acknowledge missing out on a promotion or favorable job assignment because they were female.

How education impacts gender discrimination

Working women who hold a bachelor’s degree or a more advanced degree experience work-related gender discrimination at a higher frequency than their less-educated colleagues. Also, the more advanced a degree a woman holds, the higher the likelihood she falls victim to gender discrimination. Almost 30% of working women with advanced degrees report experiencing gender discrimination compared with 12% of women who do not have bachelor’s degrees.

If your employer has a staff of a certain size, then there are laws in place preventing workplace discrimination based on sex or gender.