A closer look at the complications of wrongful termination

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Employers have the option of carefully screening and selecting the talent they approve for hire. Similarly, they can determine when to terminate their workers. However, their process for letting people go needs to comply with legal guidelines.

Wrongful termination is when a company dismisses workers because of discrimination or retaliation, for example. This treatment can have extensive consequences that impact everyone involved.

Identifying wrongful termination

Texas is an at-will employment state. This means that employers have the right to terminate their workers at any time without notice. However, they must still honor government laws and treat dismissed workers with dignity and respect. According to Indeed.com, some examples of wrongful termination include the following scenarios:

  • Management uses manipulation to convince a worker to quit
  • Management retaliates using termination because of whistleblowing
  • Management actively sidesteps a previously signed contract
  • Management, influenced by discrimination, terminates a worker
  • Management uses threats to persuade a worker to quit

Responding to unfairness

The repercussions of wrongful termination can significantly damage an employer’s reputation and a worker’s self-esteem. Employees victimized because of unfair dismissal might have a difficult time securing another job. They may struggle to explain their departure from a job where there is not an obvious reason for them to leave. USA.gov suggests that if people suspect wrongful termination, they should seek legal counsel right away.

Many individuals feel anxious when they receive word of their termination. The reason for their dismissal should never involve illegal or unethical conduct on the part of their employer. This type of behavior should not be the reason hardworking people have no job.