3 signs of racial discrimination in the workplace

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It is illegal to discriminate in the workplace based on race. Anyone who believes they suffered racial discrimination may file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. However, it is not always easy to identify racial discrimination.

Racism in the workplace does not always become apparent without knowing the signs. See below for some indications you suffer from racial discrimination at your job.

1. Preventing promotions based on race

Promotions are necessary for earning a better living, but many individuals cannot advance in their workplace through no fault of their own. Unfortunately, race can play a significant role in your struggles. When you notice other people moving past you professionally who are not as qualified, racial discrimination may be a factor.

2. Hostile work environments

You might mistake hostility for joking around. However, if you feel uncomfortable or left out of the office social community, you might suffer from racial bias. You should speak with your supervisor or human resource manager if you suffer from racially targeted mocking.

3. Unfair criticism

Your supervisors may also contribute to racial discrimination in your workplace. If you notice your supervisors do not treat you the same as other employees or criticize you unfairly, you might be the victim of discrimination. Punitive measures should apply to each employee equally and not focus on individuals based on their race or culture.

It is not always easy to identify racial discrimination. Usually, the racism you experience is subtle and requires more than one incident to identify. Fortunately, you have legal protections that prohibit employers from mistreating you because of your racial background.