What is at-will employment?

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Under the law, most jobs are part of at-will employment. What this means is that you and your employer have the right to end the job at any time for any reason. So, you can quit whenever you want without having to explain why or your boss can fire you without giving a reason.

The Texas Workforce Commission explains that at-will employment applies unless there is an employment contract outlining how employment will end.

Additional details

At-will employment also allows either you or the employer to alter the terms of your agreement at any time and for any reason. For example, your employer could change the hours you work or alter your schedule. You could change your availability. The law requires no notice for any type of change.


While at-will employment does pertain to the specific agreement for you to work for the employer and the employer to provide work, it does not regulate other things. Your employer can decide pay rates, schedules, job duties and other policies. As long as no other law is broken, your employer can control the work environment.

Wrongful termination

Because of the at-will nature of employment in Texas, it is difficult to make a wrongful termination claim. You would have to prove the employer broke a law when firing you, which is tricky to do unless you have substantial evidence. So, keep this in mind when securing employment.

At-will employment gives you the ability to quit a job whenever you want, but it also means your employer can fire you at any time. As long as you maintain a good relationship with your employer, though, that part of at-will employment should not have a negative impact on your job.