Taking a look at minimum wage law

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From denied overtime to wrongful termination and discrimination, there are many legal issues you need to keep an eye out for as an employee. Moreover, you could struggle with minimum wage violations. Whether you have to temporarily take a lower-paying job because of an unexpected job loss, your child works a minimum wage job or you have depended on such a position for many years, it is crucial to stand up for your legal rights.

Unfortunately, some employers take advantage of workers and fail to pay them minimum wage in accordance with the law.

Minimum wage in Texas

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, employees have a number of rights under the Texas Minimum Wage Act. For example, employers must pay employees minimum wage (except for those deemed exempt) and they are also required to give employees written earnings statements.

In Texas, the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, based on the federal minimum wage. This law covers workers in many fields, although some are exempt, such as inmates, some student workers, some of those who work for religious organizations and certain people who work for family members.

Other minimum wage issues to consider

In some instances, employers can include tips as well as the cost of lodging and meals when compensating employees in accordance with minimum wage requirements. Moreover, employees have the ability to collectively bargain for higher wages. If your employer has failed to compensate you in accordance with Texas’ minimum wage law, you need to take a firm stand for your rights and review the details surrounding your situation closely.