What should you know about workplace bullying?

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Bullying has real and serious consequences no matter how old you are. This goes for every type of bullying, from the high school cafeteria all the way to your current place of employment.

Unfortunately, workplace bullying can even result in a toxic work environment. This can contribute to many other issues. But what should you know about workplace bullying?

Bullying and harassment

The Muse takes a look at workplace bullying. According to a study, 19 percent of all individuals who took a survey have supposedly witnessed some form of bullying at work. An additional 19 percent claim to have experienced bullying personally. This means a whopping 38 percent of all polled individuals have direct awareness of bullying at work.

Bullying often goes hand in hand with harassment. Both force the victims into unwanted and unwarranted situations. Both can result in the victim suffering in a toxic work environment. This is a bigger issue than some seem to think. Toxic work environments can interfere with a victim’s ability to produce high-quality work. It can leave them feeling extremely reluctant to even go to work at all.

Financial repercussions

Some victims end up pushed into situations where they feel they need to quit for their own mental health and safety. Others suffer from mental stress and physical ailments due to the anxiety and stress they undergo. This can lead to medical problems and bills.

If bullying creates an unsafe work environment, it may legally fall under a harassment category. You may have options for pursuing compensation. Consider contacting legal help to learn more about the possibility.