Is this age discrimination?

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As you age, you may face new challenges in the workplace. But one challenge you may not expect is the potential of age discrimination. Unfortunately, this sweeping issue affects many workers across the board.

But just what is age discrimination? How does it manifest in the workplace? And how does it impact you?

What is ADEA?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission takes a look at potential signs of age related discrimination. This can come in many different forms. At its base, age discrimination gets defined by the mistreatment of an employee based on their age. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) offers protection for workers aged 40 and up. However, individual states may also have laws protecting even younger workers from age-based discrimination.

What forms do discrimination come in?

Most often, discriminating against someone for their age comes in one of two forms. First, you may face setbacks in your position because you keep getting passed over for younger employees. This may happen despite the fact that you have more experience, better credentials and are an overall good fit for the job. Likewise, you may also get passed over for promotions and raises.

This is due to the false assumption that older workers are worth less because they cannot do as much due to their age. Of course, this is not true, and is therefore unfounded discriminatory behavior.

Next, employees or employers may discriminate based on looks due to age. For example, someone with a customer-facing position may end up demoted because they look “too old”. If you face either of these situations, consider looking into options for legal help.