What is non-physical sexual harassment?

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Workplaces across the nation try to make the environment safe for all employees. Unfortunately, it is impossible to maintain perfect control over an environment filled with so many people. Instances of sexual harassment happen everywhere.

This is particularly true for the forms of sexual harassment that are harder to identify. Among the most common of these is non-physical sexual harassment.

Verbal sexual harassment

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discusses non-physical sexual harassment at the workplace. This type of sexual harassment differs from what people typically think of because it does not involve physical touch. However, it is still considered a form of sexual harassment due to the sexual or gender-oriented nature of the actions and words.

For example, if someone asks for sexual favors, this is sexual harassment. The same goes for making threats related to sexual acts. If your boss refuses to promote you unless you perform a sexual act, this is also a form of harassment.

Even speaking about you without your consent in an openly sexual way falls under the category of harassment. Examples include coworkers gossiping behind your back about your sexual life. Derogatory comments related to your sexuality and sexual habits also count.

Disparaging gender comments

Finally, disparaging comments about your gender fall under this category, too. This includes any comment directed at men or women alike. Examples include presumptive comments that one cannot do their job well due to their gender. To a degree, even pregnancy discrimination can fall under this category.

If you faced non-physical sexual harassment, consider contacting a legal expert. They can help you work through the aftermath and decide what to do next.