What do you know about covert wage theft in the workplace?

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While you enjoy your profession in Texas, you do not enjoy feeling like your employer cheats you out of wages. So far, you only have suspicions rather than evidence.

To help you get to the root of the truth, learn what GOBankingRates says about underhanded ways companies commit wage theft. Determine whether your company violates your right to a fair wage.

Misclassifying you as an independent contractor

Inspect your most-recent check stubs. Did your employer take out taxes for Medicare and Social Security? If not, your company may intentionally misclassify you as an independent contractor, which means that you must pay your own taxes. Independent contractors do not receive workers’ compensation benefits or overtime pay. Talk with HR to see how the company classifies your position.

Not paying for required days off

Just because you have mandated days off for holidays does not mean that you do not receive payment for those days. Depending on the company, you may have a right to paid holidays off. If your employer does not let you take a recognized holiday off or docks your check for taking a recognized day off, you could become a victim of wage theft.

Making you work off the clock without pay

You should receive payment for every minute you work. Employers cannot dock pay when employees prepare their workstations before a shift, run a company errand after a shift or resolve work errors.

Stealing tips

Your employer does not have legal grounds to take your tips. A lesser-known example of wage theft is a company subtracting credit card processing fees from an employee’s tips.

The most favorable way to protect your employee rights is to understand your rights. Do not let your employer get away with stealing from you.