What happens after a wrongful termination?

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If you were suddenly terminated without adequate explanation or you suspect retaliation or discrimination, you have the right to press charges against your employer in Texas. Mistreatment of this kind qualifies as wrongful termination and is punishable by law.

While you may actively seek new employment, you may face ongoing concerns and disappointment over the way your job ended. These feelings may cripple your motivation or success to find a new job and leave you questioning your worth.

Pushing for support

Just because you experienced a wrongful termination should not mean you cannot receive the wages and benefits you unfairly lost. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, depending on the circumstances of your experience, you may be eligible to receive punitive damages, as well as back and future pay. In fact, if you desire to have your original position back, a court may rule in your favor and require your former employer to reinstate you or promote you to a different position.

Regardless of your success in finding another job and moving past your termination, it is not wrong to request compensation for the financial loss you incurred. Throughout your experience, keep detailed notes about your interactions with your former employer to help authorities establish a timeline.

Understanding termination

At the time of your hire, make sure you fully understand your employer’s termination policies. This way, you can more effectively recognize the indications of unfair treatment. If you signed an employment contract, you may also look for areas where a wrongful termination was in breach of the agreement you made with your employer.