The mental toll of sexual harassment

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Sexual harassment creates many hardships for victims and their loved ones. Sometimes, mistreatment presents a number of problems for victims in terms of their career, but there are many other ways in which people suffer, especially from a mental standpoint. For example, those subjected to sexual harassment often feel stressed out and some people even feel guilty even though they are completely blameless. Depression and anger also make life hard for many sexual harassment victims.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it is illegal to harass an employee or job applicant because of their sex. If you are struggling with the emotional impact of sexual harassment, you need to firmly stand up for your rights.

Sexual harassment and anxiety

Those who suffer from anxiety as a result of sexual harassment often encounter multiple hardships. Not only do high levels of stress make it difficult for many people to perform their job duties every day, but stress also carries health risks and interferes with many facets of one’s life outside of the workplace. For example, personal relationships often suffer and some people are unable to take care of other important responsibilities.

Sexual harassment and depression

Aside from stress, sexual harassment also causes many victims to become depressed. Those who struggle with depression often lose interest in activities that they used to enjoy and some people are unable to continue working because of their feelings. If you are having difficulty handling important issues in your life because of severe depression resulting from sexual harassment, you need to take action and hold those responsible for these hardships accountable for their actions. Sometimes, filing a complaint or taking a case to court is necessary.