Former coach disputes termination

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Even though college sports have experienced significant changes and upheaval throughout 2020, they remain integral components to many universities’ and student athletes’ identities. The men’s and women’s college basketball teams missed out on their famed March Madness this year but most hope to play a full tournament in 2021.

One coach that may well have had aspirations of leading her team through the upcoming season is instead currently embroiled in a legal battle with her former employer after being what she insists was wrongfully terminated.

Coach hired to turn program around

A report by ESPN indicates that the Texas Tech women’s basketball program had experienced a dismal losing streak for some time. A new coach was brought in at the start of the 2018-19 season with the intention of revamping the program and, hopefully, achieving better results by winning more games. The coach chosen had apparently done this sort of thing at other universities prior to coming to Texas Tech.

Allegations of toxic environment ensue

After coaching the women’s team for two years, the coach indicates she was surprised to see a news report supposedly based on testimony from some of her plays indicating that the program was fraught with a toxic environment in which players did not feel safe to speak up. The coach did admit to hearing reports about potential sexual harassment by a former strength and conditioning coach, but that coach was promptly terminated as a result of those allegations. To all other claims, the head coach denies any wrongdoing.

Firing and a lawsuit

After being fired for what she feels was insufficient reasoning, the former coach filed a lawsuit alleging wrongful termination against the university.