Lawsuit: racial discrimination at Buffalo Wild Wings

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Buffalo Wild Wings has three Austin locations where they serve a variety of wings and beers to a crowd of mostly sports fans. While the atmosphere is supposed to be lighthearted and fun, things might not be as jovial at some locations as they appear.

According to news reports, managers at a Buffalo Wild Wings regularly made insulting remarks about African American customers and allowed white employees to refuse them, service because “blacks don’t give good tips.” A former employee recently filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the company, alleging discrimination based on race, age and disability.

The plaintiff states in his lawsuit that he suffered retaliation after complaining about the “racially hostile work environment” and concerns about workplace safety. According to the news report, the man who filed the suit is a 55-year-old African American man who worked at a Kansas location for a dozen years before he was fired after reporting the issues at the facility.

A Buffalo Wild Wings spokesperson said an internal investigation of the allegations has been launched, but declined to comment otherwise on the lawsuit. However, the spokesperson said the company “values an inclusive environment and we have no tolerance for discrimination of any kind.”

The former employee said problems began brewing at the Overland Park location after a new manager was hired in early 2017.

The plaintiff said he not only heard repeated derogatory comments from management about black customers, but was subjected to them himself. He said co-workers presented the comments as jokes, and ignored his complaints about the “jokes.”

Those who are in similar circumstances should take heart. Federal and Texas employment law is on your side. Racial discrimination in the workplace is forbidden. When you have an effective Austin employment law attorney on your side, it is possible to stop the unlawful behavior and obtain compensation and justice.