3 examples of wrongful termination cases

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There are a number of completely legal reasons why you might be let go from your job. If you are often absent or if the company is downsizing for budget reasons, these are common causes for changes in an employment roster. Sometimes, however, an employee is let go for unfair and unethical reasons. In such cases, seeking legal recourse may be the only way to fight against the injustice that has been committed.

Why, though, would an employer terminate a hard-working employee? There are a few reasons why you might be wrongfully terminated, and these examples are some of the most common.

Fired after a workplace injury

Retaining employment in the wake of an injury is a complicated issue. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, 21 percent of injured workers report having been laid off or fired after they were injured on the job. If you are unable to work, this may be legal, but employers should make every effort to accommodate you before letting you go.

Retaliation for whistleblowing

If you learn of illegal activities taking place within your company and bring them to the attention of management-or law enforcement-you might be penalized for whistleblowing. Such employees should be rewarded for their initiative and dedication, but if whistleblowing makes the company look bad-as it inevitably does-the employee in question might be fired as a result.

Violation of illegal policy

Employees who habitually violate company policy cannot expect for their position to be secure. Sometimes, though, an employee is fired for violating a company policy that is actually illegal. If your employer has a policy against mentioning the company on social media, for example, you might be fired for doing so. Your employer cannot limit your free speech, and this is a form of wrongful termination.