How can you prove that your dismissal was illegal?

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Losing your job may not only come out of nowhere, it may also set your finances back. If you believe that the company dismissed you without good cause, then you may need to prove it.

Employers must abide by laws when it comes to firing people. Unless you were among a group laid off in a company-wide manner, you might find that something you did or said made you the target. Should you want to challenge it in court, you need to produce proof.

Do you have a paper trail?

One of the most damaging pieces of evidence in proving your company illegally terminated you is documentation. If you find yourself on the receiving end of harassment over something, you did or did not do, producing written evidence of this packs the most punch. Emails, text messages and social media posts can all go a long way to proving a pattern of abuse before your termination.

Did you file a complaint?

If you filed a claim or complaint with human resources and the company let you go rather than helping, you may have a case for wrongful termination. Sometimes, higher-ups decide to terminate an employee who has filed a workers’ compensation claim or complained about the behavior of coworkers. Keeping a copy of your grievance and creating a timeline of events may help prove to a court that your termination was a consequence of the claim.

A witness may also give your case for wrongful termination a boost. Someone else within the company who either lost a job or can testify that your performance was not the issue may go a long way in proving your case.