3 signs of pregnancy discrimination at work

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During pregnancy, you may worry about discrimination at work. Pregnancy discrimination occurs when employers treat pregnant women or those who are likely to become pregnant unfairly.

Even though the Pregnancy Discrimination Act prohibits employers from discriminating against pregnant workers at any point during promotions, hiring, job assignments and other work situations, discrimination can still occur. The following signs may indicate you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.

1. Inappropriate questions during hiring

When a potential employer interviews you for a new job, he or she may want to know more about your plans for wanting children or if you currently have children. If a hiring manager asks any questions like this, it may indicate he or she will make a hiring decision based on your responses.

2. Resistance to accommodations

Your employer must make reasonable accommodations to your job duties and workspace if requested during pregnancy. If your employer seems reluctant to compromise on these accommodations, this is a warning sign of discrimination.

3. Sudden reduction of job duties

If your employer abruptly decides to reduce your job duties, this could be cause for concern. If this happens, your employer may argue that he or she only wants to make working while you are pregnant easier.

You may also be the victim of pregnancy discrimination if your employer attempted to fire you without justifiable cause. Watch out for these signs during pregnancy and stand up for your rights as an employee if you feel like you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination.