Fired employee’s disability discrimination lawsuit settled

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A Texas company faced a legal action after it forced an employee to take three separate eye exams. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the employer wrongfully terminated its worker after the third eye exam led to a diagnosis of glaucoma.

Although the employee could still perform his job, the company fired him. The termination reflected a discriminatory action and a lawsuit followed. After settling the claim, the employer agreed to provide its managers with discrimination training.

Employees with disabilities require reasonable accommodations

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an employer must provide disabled workers with “productivity enhancers.” Also referred to as “reasonable accommodations,” they may include providing screen reader software or printed materials with larger typefaces.

Employers that provide productivity enhancers do more than make the job easier for an individual with a disability. They can also help improve the company’s efficiency. Other reasonable accommodations may include modifying equipment or changing a facility’s lighting.

Disability discrimination violates employment laws and may lead to a legal action

Discriminating against an employee because of a disability violates the laws of both Texas and the U.S. Federal Government. Employers may not discriminate against workers because of a medical condition, pregnancy or mental illness. Disability discrimination may take the form of paying a worker with a physical ailment less than other employees or demoting an employee with a medical condition.

A legal action may penalize a company for its discriminatory actions. It may also provide a wrongfully terminated employee with financial relief to cover lost income.