Taking a look at the Equal Pay Act

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When it comes to workplace discrimination and the rights of employees, there are various issues to focus on, from wrongful termination to retaliation. However, employees need to understand the prevalence of sex discrimination, especially when it comes to compensation. In fact, workers are protected from sex discrimination that involves pay and employee benefits under the Equal Pay Act. 

Regrettably, compensation discrimination as a result of a worker’s sex continues to occur, creating emotional and financial hardships for victims. 

Reviewing the details of the Equal Pay Act

It is important for employers and employees to understand the ins and outs of the Equal Pay Act. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, women and men who work in the same place and have equal work must receive equal pay. It is important to understand how equal work is defined. Even when jobs are not exactly the same, if they are substantially equal then workers must receive the same pay without respect to their sex. 

Reviewing equal pay and employee benefits

When many people think about equal pay, they focus on wages. However, this law also covers various employee benefits. For example, bonuses, vacation pay, fuel allowances, overtime, life insurance and stock options are also covered under the Equal Pay Act. Those who wish to take action as a result of compensation discrimination that violates the Equal Pay Act do not need to file an EEOC charge prior to taking their case to the courtroom. However, victims are required to take action within two or three years, depending on the details of their case.