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Religious Discrimination

The law regarding religious discrimination and harassment in the workplace is clear — an employer may not discriminate against, harass or otherwise treat someone unfavorably on the basis of that individual’s religious beliefs.

If an employer, co-worker or certain other parties engage in illegal conduct such as making derogatory remarks about your religion or firing you because of your beliefs, you can file a claim. These claims are designed to hold offending parties accountable for their actions, and the steep penalties serve to prevent such discrimination or harassment in the future.

While your right to be safe from religious discrimination and harassment is clear-cut, the process of asserting these rights is, unfortunately, quite complex. As such, your choice of attorney in these matters is of the utmost importance.

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At the Law Offices of Kell A. Simon, I work directly with my clients to discuss their employers’ actions and form strong strategies for proceeding.

I am well-known in Texas for the dedication I display through all stages of a case. Whether conducting initial negotiations or zealously advocating for clients at trial, I always strive to resolve matters as efficiently and favorably as possible.

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I recognize that being harassed or discriminated against can put you under intense mental and emotional stress. I do everything possible to make the legal process straightforward and to serve as your trusted guide at all times.

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