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Gender Discrimination Lawyer Serving Austin

The practice of making employment decisions based on an individual's sex is a form of employment discrimination that is known as gender discrimination. This type of discrimination often occurs whenever a hiring decision is being made, but can also occur in any other context where an individual is treated adversely due to his or her gender. Gender discrimination can also happen whenever leaders make decisions related to:

  • Intercompany transfers
  • Promotions
  • Layoffs

"Early this year I found myself in some incredibly bad legal trouble. My case was very complicated and sensitive. After finally telling Kell the whole story of the case, he immediately began working to fix my mess. Although everyone around me told me to prepare for a lengthy and horrible ride, Kell had the entire matter closed in three months - not only closed, but closed to the satisfaction of all concerned." - Employment law client, 2013

Who Can Be A Victim Of Gender Discrimination?

Although gender discrimination is typically thought of as happening only to women - such as in cases involving pregnancy discrimination or failure to hire - the fact is that males and females can both be victims of this type of prejudice. When males are victims of gender discrimination, it is typically referred to as reverse discrimination. An individual can be a victim of gender discrimination whether a supervisor is of the same or opposite sex. For example, a female job applicant can be discriminated against whenever a female hiring manager decides she would rather hire male employees and refuses to consider applications submitted by women.

Is Gender Discrimination Ever Allowed?

The law does allow for certain instances in which gender discrimination is permitted. If gender is a "bona fide occupational qualification," then discrimination based solely on gender is allowed.

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Gender discrimination can be tough to prove in court. As such, you need a proven litigator protecting your rights, collecting evidence and advocating on your behalf as soon as possible.

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