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Austin Disability Discrimination Lawyer

Has an employer treated you differently because of your disability? Have your career opportunities been diminished because your employer does not think you are as capable as your "able-bodied" peers? Has a failure to accommodate your disability left you unable to do your job? Have you been terminated for no reason other than your disability?

The Americans With Disabilities Act

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is likely that you are the victim of unlawful disability discrimination. Congress enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990 to prevent disability discrimination such as that described above, but more than 20 years later, the unfortunate reality is that this type of discrimination still occurs in workplaces around the country every day.

Thankfully, the ADA provides legal recourse for those who have been victims of their employers' misconduct. With the help of an insightful disability discrimination attorney, you can receive compensation and hold your employer accountable for the injustice you have suffered.

Experienced Counsel. Proven Results.

At the Law Offices of Kell A. Simon, I fight for the rights of disabled individuals and other employees who have been harmed by employer misconduct in Austin and throughout Texas. Led by Kell Simon - a well-respected trial attorney who has spent more than 15 years protecting the interests of his clients - I put our clients on even footing with employers and their massive legal teams, and I have achieved many notable successes in complex employment matters.

"I contacted Kell (Simon) to help me with my lawsuit. The case was somewhat complicated and the other side was not that easy to deal with. Kell was always professional in his contact with me and in digging for the facts. I am able to move my case to mediation and settle it in a satisfactory way. I appreciated his hard work, dedication and desire to see a positive outcome for me!" - Employment law client from Austin

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