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Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawyer

What Can You Do If You Are A Victim Of Sexual Orientation Discrimination In Texas?

If you have been discriminated against or harassed by your employer or other employees because of your sexual orientation, you may find yourself wondering whether you can turn to the legal system for help.

Unfortunately, Texas law does not recognize sexual orientation as a protected class, meaning that there are limited options for those who have been victims of sexual orientation discrimination or harassment in the workplace. Due to the limitations that affect these situations, your choice of attorney is especially important; you need to seek counsel from an attorney who is dedicated to the field of employment law and knows how to explore innovative legal avenues to fight for your interests.

Groundbreaking Legal Strategies From Experienced Legal Counsel

At the Law Offices of Kell A. Simon, Kell provides his clients with exactly this type of focused, cutting-edge representation. Firm founder Kell Simon personally handles all cases at the firm, and his direct involvement ensures that his clients' matters are always in the hands of an experienced lawyer who is certified as a labor and employment law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Kell's dedication to the field of employment law grants him insight into emerging issues, including ways that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals who have been discriminated against due to their sexual orientation may be able to assert rights under other provisions of the law. For example, an individual who has been discriminated against because he or she does not conform to an employer's gender stereotype — in terms of appearance, actions or sexual orientation — may be able to file a gender discrimination claim under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. By implementing strategies such as this, he is able to help his clients stand up to discrimination even in situations where gaps in the law seemingly leave individuals with little or no protection.

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If you are a victim of workplace discrimination or harassment due to your sexual orientation, contact me at 512-898-9019 to get a free initial consultation and learn more about your options. I serve clients in Austin, Dallas and Houston and throughout the state.